Sunday, July 26, 2009

Remembering Why

When we talk about revitalizing a church, we’re often talking about more potlucks, ice cream socials, and kids’ activities. Maybe we’ll build a building or enlarge an old one. Yeah. Or maybe we’ll improve the quality of the music. And we could get another preacher—one of those hotshot fire breathing charismatic superstars that draw crowds. And by all means, let’s get a sign so we can say all kinds of clever things to those that drive by—that’d be cool.

We can draw all the members from the other churches away. We won’t worry that no one new is really coming to Christ. We’ll be the best and the brightest in town.

But will we honor God?

The church in America has been declining for the last forty years, and it has taken those of us in leadership nearly that long to admit it.

I know why it happened. We forgot why we exist.

We got so busy with our activities, public relations, and infighting that we forgot that our purpose is to help each other get closer to God. And people are still lonely for God. In fact, they’re desperate for him.

Frankly, so are we.

So let’s use our best tools—ice cream, music, and all the rest. But let’s remember why.


  1. Amen, brother! Church is not a social club, it's a place where we meet God face to face and help other recognize God for who God truly is. All our tools and gadgets are a waste if God is not at the center of everything.

  2. Thank you, Dave, for the reminder. I pray
    that God will convince our minds and convict our hearts and cause us to repent and return to our FIRST LOVE...