Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cover Up

Alright already. I'm sick and I admit it. Happy now?

I hate letting the general public know that I feel bad.

But I caught something last week and I'm still not over it. I knew I needed to rest, but Saturday, we were hosting the Regional Christmas party for our denomination and I couldn't miss that because the church (and practically the whole world) cannot go on if I'm not there to run things.

When I got there, they had managed to get ready without me. Donnie had the room set up. Jay checked over the sound system. Jennica handled the entertainment. And Danny had the food going. But they still needed me. After all who was going to greet people and tell them where the bathrooms were?

We had just sat down with our food when my vision got fuzzy and I nearly passed out into my mashed potatoes. Kathy was out with the car, so I called a friend to ask for a ride. I put a lot of effort in preserving my dignity. "Please," I croaked with only the mildest tone of desperation, "Can you come take me home?"

Chick came to get me and helped me as I wobbled into my house. I swore him to secrecy—"Don't tell anyone about this." He crossed his heart. But he wouldn't leave me alone. Todd came over to check me over. Jennifer came with him. They both swore a blood oath that they wouldn't tell a soul.

Then Kathy and the boys came home and I made them pinky promise to keep it a secret. But now I had a whole church committee in my church living room and they all voted against me to go to the doctor. So I did.

I told the doctor that I needed to preach the next day, and sing in the choir concert, and rehearse with SonShine kids. I sort of resented the sweet tone of her voice when she told me that it was not going to happen. However she agreed to abide by the HIPAA Laws regarding confidentiality.

Kathy found people to fill in. Jim preached. Kristen led the SonShine kids. And the Choir somehow managed to do their concert without me—they even came by and sang Christmas carols to me afterward. I thanked them and told all thirty of them not to tell ANYBODY I was sick.

Maybe I need to remember that the reason we live in community is so we can cover for each other during times of weakness.

So now you all know I've been sick. Just keep it to yourselves. Okay?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods

I have an idea about the latest news items concerning Tiger Woods.

How about everybody just leave him and his wife alone?

It's well documented that I don't follow sports, but even I know who Tiger Woods is. The public consensus is that he's very good at golf, makes a lot of money, and seems like a nice guy.

Does he have marital problems? Is it possible he's not always as nice as he appears in public? Is he a bad driver?

It's none of our business.

To put it bluntly, the TV, papers, magazines, and internet media need to shut up and butt out. This is not news. It's gossip about real people and they deserve the same polite respect anyone else does.

I feel bad for them. If they were in my church, I'd want to help them. If they were my neighbors I'd help protect their privacy.

At this distance, there's not much I can do except pray for them.

But gossip is a wicked thing. No matter how mean his golf game is.