Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods

I have an idea about the latest news items concerning Tiger Woods.

How about everybody just leave him and his wife alone?

It's well documented that I don't follow sports, but even I know who Tiger Woods is. The public consensus is that he's very good at golf, makes a lot of money, and seems like a nice guy.

Does he have marital problems? Is it possible he's not always as nice as he appears in public? Is he a bad driver?

It's none of our business.

To put it bluntly, the TV, papers, magazines, and internet media need to shut up and butt out. This is not news. It's gossip about real people and they deserve the same polite respect anyone else does.

I feel bad for them. If they were in my church, I'd want to help them. If they were my neighbors I'd help protect their privacy.

At this distance, there's not much I can do except pray for them.

But gossip is a wicked thing. No matter how mean his golf game is.


  1. I agree completely. This guy has done nothing to deserve this treatment from the public.

  2. Bravo!

    And incidentally, how many journalists and comedians have lived monogamous lives? How many of the rest of us gloating gossips? What would we do without our scapegoats? I guess we'd have to deal with our own guilts.


  3. You Go, David!!!!! Tell them like it is. I truly wish anyone in the public eye would have privacy like they deserve! Minco follower