Monday, November 15, 2010

The End is Near... Again

I just saw a brochure for a seminar on Revelation. It had lots of ominous quotes and promises of insight as to the end of the world, so we’ll be ready.

It gave me the same feeling as when an accountant offers to show how to prepare for a tax audit.

I have some respectful disagreement with many people’s understanding of apocalyptic literature. And I’m annoyed with books, seminars, and TV shows that ramp up our anxiety with their sensational but poor interpretations.

You can’t say that monsters described in Revelation are going to be tanks and helicopters. The antichrist is not going to be one specific person. And no one, not even Jesus, can pull out the calendar and point out the date when the end of the world will occur.

Look, bad things are going to happen. They’re happening now: wars, rumors of war, persecution, false teachers, etc. There’s nothing unusual or unexpected about that. But Jesus says that on the other side of our tribulations there will be a new heaven and a new earth. Things will glisten with newness and the glory of God will ring out through the cosmos.

There are many ways of looking at last things. But we can agree on some basic thoughts. Everything that went wrong will be made right. The wicked will have been defeated. The righteous will be vindicated. A shout of victory will sound.

How we get there, when we get there, it will be worth it. We will have won. It’s something we look forward to, not worry about.


  1. I am thankful that Jesus not only redeems us through His blood, but has promised us that we will reign with Him. Good word David!

  2. Nobody knows the day or the time, but a lot of people are making a buck off of explaining Revelation to us that are a little off.

  3. hezekiahumc, Thanks. The bottom line when talking about last things is that we win.

    MajorConfusion, ain't it the truth?