Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Touched by Holiness

Items that were part of Jesus’ birth have become special over the millennia. The manger (an animal’s feedbox), the stable, and swaddling clothes (tattered rags) became special in history because they have a place in story of his arrival.  

Bear in mind that these things were originally meant to be signs of poverty and humiliation. But because they are associated with Jesus, they have become subjects for beautiful paintings and music.

The people in the story were also changed in our perspective because of their part in the story. Shepherds were dirty, menial laborers, but they are honored in Christianity. Mary and Joseph were poor people who went unnoticed at the time but are now honored by all Christians.  

He “lifted up the humble.”   He did it all his life from the moment he was born, and he continues to this day. Ordinary people become beautiful because they are touched by holiness.

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