Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two Different Agendas

I want to expand on something I said in the pulpit on Sunday. I said that we needed to avoid expending our resources on exerting political muscle and instead focus on the truly powerful qualities that stem from the grace of Christ. 

I did not mean that Christians should avoid being part of the community at large. Certainly, Christian individuals need to exercise their right to vote and speak freely and even campaign for things about which they feel strongly. 

But the church as an institution needs to focus on the mission of Christ which has a different perspective from political agendas of a government.  We change the world through the word of Jesus and acts of grace, which is different from a government’s perspective.

I wanted to be clear on this because in our congregation we have people who hold positions in the government and do a terrific job in their service to the community, and I do not want to devalue them.  In fact, I appreciate them very much.

And no, no one came to me with a complaint. I reviewed my sermon on Sunday afternoon and decided I needed to be more precise.  


  1. The late Rusty Farley exemplified what you mentioned.

    1. Yes, he did. He walked honorably in both the church and the government.