Monday, August 6, 2012

Paraphrase of Psalm 42

I’m dying of an awful thirst.
Where did he go?
What happened to that life-giving Presence?
There is no water.
I have only my tears to drink.

Voices taunt me.
“Where is your God?
Did he ever exist?” 

“Yes!”  I answer to silence them.
“I remember joyous moments
Where I was the LEADER
And I was STRONG.”

I comfort myself: 
“Why are you sad?
Put your hope in God.
You weren’t dreaming before.

“Remember the mountaintop moments,
The heights from which you saw God all around you?
Remember when you and He were two rivers
Crashing together into a cascading shower?”

Yes, I remember. 
But the waters are gone.
And my thirst remains.

My voice continues but do I hear an echo?
At least I’m talking to You and not about You. 

“Where did you go?
Why did you forget me?
I ache with loneliness
And I’m left with only those voices that taunt me: 
‘Where did your God go? Did He ever exist?’”

But I still have a voice:
Why so sad? Why so disturbed?
Let hope be your compass and keep moving.

I raise my voice once more 
To sing the song of victory again. 
The thirst remains
but it drives me onward. 
The water is still there, somewhere. 

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