Monday, March 11, 2013

Stealing Away

I once knew a minister who had an unlisted phone number. No kidding. The guy was in the business of serving people and they couldn’t get hold of him.  

It is my policy to be available to people--they are the business of church.  I move my furniture around so I can see when people enter the building. I speak to everyone who comes in the front door.  I publish my cell number. Lois always knows how to find me.  And people can call me at home.

I do this because I’ve noticed over the years that the best opportunity for ministry comes from the interruptions. In truth, I like the lifestyle but it can get difficult.  These days it’s not uncommon for me to write an article while texting someone, talking on the phone, and greeting a friend who drops in. In fact, I remember a few years ago, doing all this while I was in the hospital for tests. My brother was with me, watching me as I sat up in bed, wrote out my notes, and answered the phone that constantly rang.  He thought it was nuts. Actually, he thought I was nuts, and perhaps I was.   

Sound familiar? I bet a lot of people have the same issues, and it can make anyone feel somewhat scattered.  

As extroverted as I am, I’ve begun to feel the need for a little more solitude and I know I’m not alone (not alone--get it?).  

After talking it over with the SPRC, we decided to set aside Thursdays for me to have private study time. I’ll be making myself scarce so I can read, write, and pray.  It makes me a little nervous to be out of circulation for a few hours, but I remember Jesus would often steal away to be alone and pray.  If he needed it, then certainly I do. We all do.

Don’t worry. I’m still available. Just call the office and we’ll set up a time to visit. If it’s urgent, I’m available at anytime. Most of you know that has always been the case.

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