Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Better Is Not Easier

“Come to church and your life will be so much better.”

That’s the promise that we often use to attract people, but I think we might want to define more precisely the word “better.” “Better” may not mean pain free and fun.

We’re rarely going to be as entertaining as an amusement park or a Las Vegas Act because our goals are different.   

But here are some things we can offer if you come to church:  

To love and be loved. Love is good, but it is not easy. Love always has joy, but sometimes it’s sad, too. Sometimes it’s scary. And it’s not uncommon for love to be exasperating. 

To be healed. Healing involves change, humility, maturity, courage, forgiveness, etc. These things may not always be fun, but they’re pretty necessary. 


To trade small problems for bigger ones. Come to focus on the needs of the globe, the community, and the person next to you (this is one of the things that can bring healing to you, too). Coming to church might make you feel the weight of responsibility.

To focus on heavenly issues.  Instead of the issues of earthly kingdoms (or governments), we focus on the Kingdom of God, where truth, beauty, and love are more important than money and power.  

To grow in your awareness of God which could be daunting but also joyful and wonderful

So yeah, come to church. It can make your life better. Just not necessarily easier. 


  1. The adage says, Ignorance is bliss. It is kind of tempting at times to take that route - but it isn't an option.

    In all of the things you mentioned, giving and receiving love, a relationship with and an awareness of God, taking responsibility for making the world a better place - I think there is no such thing as an ignorance of these things.

    Those things that have escaped us in our lives, such as an awareness of God, we sometimes pretend are unachievable. We turn our backs on the concept as something not relevant to our story - but we hunger desperately to experience it.

    Taking the first step, opening ourselves to giving and receiving love, to becoming aware of the presence of God is the only way to really be experience all those things human beings are meant to.

    Going to church, and being alive and engaged in that experience is the best way to get there.

    Now, Pastor.....why don't I want to go to church?


    1. Debbie, betcha you'd like coming to my church. :).

      You're asking the question that many of us religious "pros" are asking. Why don't people like going to church?

      For now, I'll just have to say that I'm working on it.