Monday, June 17, 2013

Who Knows What?

“Whoooaa!” I hollered to the little boy who careened around the corner and tried to be-bop past me.  I reached out and scooped him into my arms. It was VBS and I was patrolling the hallways, alert for opportunities just like this.  

“Where are you supposed to be?” I asked.  

He looked at me like I was a typical grownup asking one of those typical crazy questions.  

“I don’t know,” he explained. “You’re supposed to know that.”

He was right. So I helped him find his place.  

Kids are smart and they know more than we give them credit for, but they also need to be told stuff, shown stuff, and helped down life’s pathway (or the church hallway).  They need to hear our stories, feel our love, and be fed, clothed and sheltered.  

And if we’re the grownups, we’re supposed to know how to do that.

I know it sounds pretty basic, but grownups can get pretty rattled and unsure of themselves. And we find out we’re not off the hook once our own kids are grown. Next are the grandkids.  But not only that, I believe we adults need to address ourselves to the needs of all children.  

The little boy said it plainly:    

“You’re supposed to know that.” 


  1. Well, Pastor, he was right....out of the mouths of babes.
    It is really lots of fun interacting with children after your own are grown. At the lake, my husband has a little group of kids that come by to fuss over our dogs and he can often be found trying to answer all their questions at once. I know he enjoys it, but I also see him sag happily into his lawn chair when they decide to depart.
    Just this last weekend he was really shaken by a little girl that came by. She was from next-door and announced that she was 8. She hung around a long time and then alarmed him greatly by hugging him twice. He was very uncomfortable, and felt there was no right thing to do.
    She went on her way, but he found a moment to go next-door and mention it to her aunt and uncle. They didn't seem troubled at all, but it is a sad comment on things today that we have to be so reserved.

    1. Debbie, there are not enough fathers and mothers in Christ for the children of the world. I think your husband handled it just right. Of course the girl wanted to hug him. I would have done the same thing...mention it to the parents or guardians without making it a big deal.