Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Touched by Holiness

The scripture tells us that Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger.

To us, the words “manger” and “swaddling clothes” have a sweet sound to them, and they are reserved for the story of Christ’s birth.

But they weren’t special. Swaddling clothes were simply old rags used because there were no cute clothes given to them at baby showers.

A manger was a feed box for the livestock. Most of us would refuse to put our babies in one. But it was the only place where these tired parents could lay their new child.
In our minds this grubby little box is beautiful and the old rags appear like royal clothing. Paintings depict the scene with soft hay and a gentle glow and we sing moving songs about it that make us cry.

Why is that?

It’s because the tiny person who lay there was holy, and he made everything he touched holy.

His holy touch healed people and raised people from the dead. And his spirit continues to breathe holiness into our souls.


  1. It is comforting to realize anew that something so small as a tiny baby, born in the poorest of families and the humblest of circumstances can change the world in such a wonderfully positive way. I have been guilty of sitting back in my easy chair, filled with apathy, thinking "Yes, this or that is bad, and needs changing - but I am only one person. There is no point in trying."
    I think it is important to remember that little babe grew up to be a revolutionary figure - to change the status quo and in his unique way challenge the tyranny of the present leadership.
    The message of Jesus's birth is to me, among so many other things, the knowledge that we can hope for positive change and we shouldn't run from the chance to do good.
    Thanks for inspiring me with this post, Pastor.


  2. Debbie, the last line is the one I want readers to take away with them. The Spirit of holiness has been breathed into you. It's not something you have to get. It's something you need to recognize and respect.

    Recognition of holiness equips us to try for the longterm changes that the world needs us to make.