Saturday, February 9, 2013

Talk of the Town

The following is my translation/interpretation/paraphrase 
of Matthew 16:13-20. 

“Who do people say Humanity’s Child is? ”

His disciples discussed it:

“Well, some say that you’re the embodiment of the spirit of our hero John the Baptist, and though he was killed, he continues to speak bold truths through you.    

“Others say that you’re a reincarnation of Elijah, the legendary prophet who defeated Jezebel and all the prophets of Baal to lead Israel back to God. 

“And then others say you’re Jeremiah, the young fiery prophet. 

“Or maybe you’re one of the other ancient prophets.  Someone unknown and mysterious.

Jesus said, “But what about you? Who do you say that I am?”

Simon Peter spoke for them all. 

“We know who you are. You’re not merely one who speaks on behalf of God. You speak with the full authority of God. You are not God’s spokesman. You are God’s Child, chosen to be our next King, our real King.

“That’s who you are.

“Bless you, Simon, son of Jonah. You didn’t hear this from the people of this earth. You heard it from the heavens, whispered to your heart by no one less than God. 

“You rock, Simon. You’re part of a huge structure built on a foundation of truth. You will hold the keys of heaven in your heart. In fact, heaven and earth are now the same for you.  You exist in both realms. Everything you see and do and think and feel is a reality in both places. 

“Let’s go. And we’ll keep this conversation to ourselves for the time being.” 

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