Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lectionary Meditation: Psalms 1,2, and 3

I think the first three psalms are written by the same person at different times in his life. 

In Psalm 1, I hear a young man's confident faith that he will be able to take on giants and win every time.  

Psalm 2 is written by a seasoned man having accomplished a lot but sees that he is really just beginning to claim his destiny. 

Psalm 3 is written by the man when he is older, more weary, yet still has miles to go. He’s on the run having been betrayed by his own child. I can think of nothing worse. And yet, King David still reaches for the faith that sustains him and it allows him to rest enough to regain his strength.  

I appreciate all three perspectives. I've had many occasions where I could relate to the tired man. I also remember that exciting sense of purpose and destiny. And I really like that young lad who has no doubts whatsoever that he will come through any trial.

It’s the young man that speaks to me and tells me to have hope and reach for victory. The old man reminds me that accomplishments don’t come cheap or easy.  

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